About the Artist

Illustration is still a strong contender for storytelling, sharing our thoughts and ideas in a world of mass information. It has endless possibilities and imagination with its ability to teach and influence others and to provoke the viewer into experiencing new and unexplored territories beyond what we see and know. Just one new idea can change a person's’ perception.

I breathe life into the birds in my illustration, especially on their hidden personality, behaviours and characteristics that we may not witness everyday but only hear about in tales. It is a unique passion to cross realism and caricature in my work, combining attention to detail and mountains of research to create these illustrations to see into this hidden world amongst our trees and skies. The unwritten rules, fears and attitudes these eccentric avian species have and their connection to the world around them is what drives me to create these tales. I am always looking, always learning to continuously hone my abilities in re-creating their world from their eyes. Every person that views my work takes away something a little different from the same picture.

My favourite artists that influence my work are C.F Tunnicliffe, Jennifer Miller @Nambroth, R.B Talbot Kelly, Jo Ruth.


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