Commission A Bird Illustration for personal use. Need custom art to go with your blog post, science post, event posters or just want a new avatar or banner for your social media pages.

Commission me to draw that special rarity or mega to hang on your wall, you'll have a unique, original work of art to mark a special occasion or significant event. I have created full-colour illustrations for those that have been unable to photograph that special moment of the first bird that got them into bird watching like a Barn owl sitting on a fence post lit by an orange glow of dawn or a Raven playing with a discarded glove.

I can also draw pet birds; like falcons, Parrots, Chickens, ducks etc. One commission I created was their beloved Red Scarlet Macaw with a favourite quote "A smooth sea never made a skilled pirate."


I take payment first through PAYPAL before starting the art process.

Please send me information about the commission in the next 24 hours or a notice telling me when you'll be able to do so.

I will send sketches and the progress through email every step of the way until you are happy with the final piece. 

I will notify you if I do not choose to accept your commission.

Very, very important: please credit me wherever you post the art. It may give me future job opportunities or commissioners.


PRICING (prices may change upon complexity and deadlines*)

Head sketch £40 (B&W)

Head sketch colour £60

Single bird full-body sketch colour £60

Gestures page £95

Shoulders up detailed colour £65

Full body detailed colour or Flying price £100

Cat/Dog portrait with soft background £100

Study sheet up to 6 birds £150.00

If what you are looking for is not shown above or you are unsure, feel free to contact me.

Additional pricing:

  • Tattoos
  • Additional poses 
  • Complicated design

Illustration for books

I will provide an exclusive commercial-license for you in our contract to use them anyway you wish in order to promote your book. I specialise in storyboarding engaging, fluid, story-driven and sequential art. The PDF files and hi-res illustration images will be sent in a Dropbox link to download and save. All final payments must be made before any hi-res or final files will be delivered.

Concept art – £150-300

Single page illustration and/or design – £150-250

Double page illustration and/or design £200-300

Front and back cover illustration and/or design – £250-350

Illustration for books

£150 per page
  • One full colour page

Double page Illustration

£200 - £300 Two pages
  • Two full colour pages