Close and personal with a Raven

Ravens were always a distant dream when I went to my local birding spot. I would only ever see them dancing in the winds or croaking from a dead tree in an area where it was forbidden to go. However this year, the breeding pair successfully raised two chicks and I watched, whenever I could where they would be teaching them to fly and hunt.

When it was time to go their own way, one young Raven was confined to an enormous tree in a territory it knew nothing about. I would chatter to it from ground level and it would chatter back, perhaps secretly hoping that it would remember me in the future and stay in the territory. A month on, it seems this one had been observing me hanging around with the crows and ducks as I would draw and give them a little food for their time. The Raven suddenly came bounding over with glee chasing them all off and proudly strutting at my feet.

Ever since, this Raven has shared many secrets about itself; such as how it forages, stores food, communicates and even it’s relationship with the other animals in the park – well, not in a good way for them as their tails get pulled!


  1. Rod Duncan on 18/11/2018 at 18:55

    Thank you for this wonderful description. I have various crow friends around Charnwood. But two years ago I realised for the first time that there were ravens as well. I have been watching one family since then, with great joy. (Though a pair of red kits have just moved into part of their range, so I am concerned to see what happens next.) I have only had one really close encounter with the raven family. That was just before dusk early in the year, when I heard some clicks and what sounded like goose calls coming from a large tree. And there they were, right above me, messing around. One dangled itself upside down from a branch for a while before righting itself again.

    • wulfgnar on 14/01/2019 at 19:05

      You will have to let me know where abouts in Charnnwood 🙂

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